Pakistan’s Taliban Are CIA

Clearly, the U.S. is stung by Pakistan discovering who is the real enemy. Pakistan has decided to liquidate the TTP and is succeeding with popular support. The U.S. should have been satisfied that the Pakistan Army is pursuing the TTP, but it is not. Clearly, the TTP is the excuse not the target. The American objective is to destabilize Pakistan.

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5 thoughts on “Pakistan’s Taliban Are CIA

  1. November 4th, 1995 (Cheshvan 12th, 5756 of Hebrew Calender) Yigal Amir a right wing religious Jew shoots Yitzak Rabin, the then Israeli Prime Minister. Rabin’s crime? He was supporting the Oslo Accords. The Jewish assassin Yigal Amir was convinced that Oslo Accords would deny Jews their “biblical heritage which they had reclaimed by establishing settlements” Yigal Amir was just practicing his religious beliefs, a concept called ‘din rodef’ under traditional Jewish Law….

  2. If someone thinks that the west wants a prosperous and stable Pakistan, he lives in a fool’s paradise. They have their own interests which they follow. Unfortunately we also start working for their interests. This is where the problem starts.

    Pakistan is the only nuclear power state. I fear that it will be the cause of its undoing if our people, mark my words, does not start behaving. It is our people who are responsible for the present mess in the country.

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