Sensual Shakes and Brotherly Hugs – Are we on board?

The controversy of ‘President’ Asif Ali Zardari’s meeting with Sarah Palin can be ignored if he ‘behaves’ like a President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in matters which matter the most. But unfortunately he proved to be the real ancestor of Musharraf.

Maybe to keep Palin’s touch sensations intact in his hand, he hugged Manmohan Singh (twice) saying “You are the leader of modern India.” In response Mr. Singh congratulated him on election and “the victory of democracy in Pakistan.” No comment. Its pretty obvious.

Then the real issues; Kashmir and Terrorism. In the joint press statement after meeting, look at the contradictory level of intensity in two paragraphs below (not to talk of the reversal or order).

Severe action would be taken against any elements directing or involved in terrorist acts. President Zardari reassured Prime Minister Singh that the Government of Pakistan stands by its commitments of January 6, 2004.

Both leaders agreed that the forces that have tried to derail the peace process must be defeated. This would allow the continuation and deepening of a constructive dialogue for the peaceful resolution and satisfactory settlement of all bilateral issues, including Jammu and Kashmir.

In listed section pasted below, there is no mentioning of Kashmir at all.

The two leaders agreed that:
* The Foreign Secretaries of both countries will schedule meetings of the fifth round of the Composite Dialogue in the next three months which will focus on deliverables and concrete achievements.
* The ceasefire should be stabilized. To this end, the DGMOs (Director General Military Operations) and Sector Commanders will stay in regular contact.
* A special meeting of the Joint Anti-Terror Mechanism will be held in October 2008 to address mutual concerns including the bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul.
* The expansion of people to people contacts, trade, commerce and economic cooperation provides an effective platform to develop and strengthen bilateral relations. Towards this end it was decided to:
* Open the Wagah-Attari road link to all permissible items of trade
* Open the Khokrapar-Munabao rail route to all permissible items of trade.
* Continue interaction between the Planning Commissions of both countries to develop mutually beneficial cooperation including the energy sector.
* Commence cross-LoC trade on the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad and Poonch-Rawalakot roads on October 21, 2008.
* Modalities for the opening of the Skardu-Kargil route will be discussed soon.

And then after the meeting President says we did talk on Kashmir. link


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