The Once and Future Pakistan

It is a triumph of hope against massive odds. This is Pakistan’s Story (by Marcvs Tacitvs Cicero Full Story). The extracts below are representative of article, passionately written; reminding what we should not forget at any cost.

… The Lawyers’ struggle has changed Pakistan forever Look around you, do you see poverty? deprivation? This whole country is full of it. From Munno Bhail’s imprisoned family to the missing persons case. What is the establishment? It is every powerful figure in this country that does not want justice, that does not want equal rights for the poor. It is every Wadera who has killed a hari, it is every Jagirdar who has raped a kisan’s daughter, it is every ghunda in Karachi who collects bhatta for the don. None of them want the judiciary restored. All of them want to enslave us and keep us in chains.

… An independent judiciary would be the death knell of the Establishment. For Pakistan to survive, we need a free and independent judiciary. A judiciary that would not bow down to PCO, a judiciary that would stop the loot-sale of state assets like the Steel Mills, a judiciary that would recover billions in looted wealth and a judiciary that would investigate cold-blooded murder of political activists by Fascist mafias.

… Shah Sahib! we are ready to struggle. Our children may be hungry, our hearts may be heavy and our pockets may be empty. Naik and Khosa and Zardari may have bought a few judges but haven’t they also bought Dr. Shahid Masood? What did that change? Nothing. Maybe you think we are sad and tired today. Perhaps you think we have lost the fire in our belly. Who knows? Perhaps you are right. Perhaps today you are right.

But, tomorrow?

Tomorrow, we fight.

As one comment on the article rightly said: It is not an article, it is a biggle for those who forget the basics of lawyers struggle movement, it is not the end its the beginning….. I can feel it.

The lawyers are back. Are They???

Full Story


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