Knowlede is Power and WWW is the Fuel

There is an old saying that ‘Knowledge is power’. When we talk about knowledge presented in structured format (text and media), we face an interesting development in very recent human history which has revolutionized our perception about knowledge banks. For all practical purposes, now a days, we can access most of the structured knowledge through a single repository (WWW).

I just came across one piece of that knowledge Is Your Username Taken? Usernamecheck Will Tell You. The most astonishing thing was the number of ‘social’ sites targeted by this service. All of these sites are technically outstanding and have quite a decent number of users. I really have to ‘digg’ into these sites to know about their usefulness (and most of these are in fact useful).

In fact, it is not possible to do ‘interactivity’ with all these social networks. Its just like interacting with whole world. Its really hard what to choose and what not to. But one thing is sure that we have to interact with the world [in a real swift manner] and equip ourself with emerging trends [in a flash]. That is going to be the only way to survive in near future. Thats the kind of misery WWW has added into our lives.


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