Letter from Chairman/European Coordinator of ASEA-UNINET published in DAWN today

Higher Education Commission affair

THE international scientific community is dismayed at the unfair criticism in some newspapers against the chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Prof (Dr) Attaur Rahman, for spending billions of rupees without any visible impact on quality and performance of universities and their graduates.

Those who have closely watched the development of higher education in Pakistan from outside and have been involved in the numerous programmes established by Prof Rahman in the past eight years can testify to the contrary: the progress made was breath-taking and has put Pakistan ahead of comparable countries in numerous aspects.

To name just a few, the establishment of a free access to scientific literature by high-speed Internet for all universities, the thousands of promising young scientists who were granted PhD studies at top universities abroad, the upgrade of research equipment accessible across the country and the programme of establishing new universities of science and technology, including technology parks attracting foreign investors, prove the efficiency and the long-term benefits for the country enabled by the HEC’s chairman.

His efforts have made Pakistan a respected partner for cooperation for many countries leading in research and development, and it has to be feared that without Prof Rahman this status will be lost.

The United Nations Commission on Science and Technology has closely monitored the development in Pakistan in the past years, coming to the unanimous conclusion that Prof Rahman’s policy and programme is a `best-practice’ example for developing countries aiming at building their human resources and establishing an innovative, technology-based economy.

Moreover, to poorly qualify the graduates of Pakistan universities is another unjustified blame: almost all of the thousands of young Pakistani university staff sent for doctorate studies to Europe’s and Asia’s top universities in the past five years have performed well at these foreign institutions, thus causing their  academic supervisors to ask for further supply of PhD candidates from Pakistan.

Those who have completed their PhD and returned to Pakistan to share their knowledge with students at their home institutions are keeping close contacts to their former supervisors, creating valuable international research networks.

The impact of this programme, installed by Prof Rahman, will only be seen after some more years, and is expected to bring progress to the country, not only in terms of science and technology, but also in terms of economy.

Chairman/European Coordinator of


4 thoughts on “Letter from Chairman/European Coordinator of ASEA-UNINET published in DAWN today

  1. It is the dire need of the Pakistan to progress in the scientific field. A person like Prof. Atta is hard to find in the prevailing scenariao. Every one is following bribery routine but do not work for country. He deserve to be re appointed as some what higher level, above the conspiracy against edication and science.

  2. I totally agree with DR BERND MICHAEL RODE. I think the stupidly retarded people who r now speaking against HEC should learn a lesson from it.

  3. Prof.Rahman did a great job.It is easy to criticise than pactically do it.We do not see visible success in his planes.not because his line of action is wrong,during last 5 years in Pakistan ,Majority foreigh investor are relectant to invest in Pakistan,even all weather friend (CHINA)is not willing to invest in Pakistan,All new PH.D graduate with new ideas of science and technology are not becoming a factor of ecnomic growth in Pakistan,that is why,all Prof Rahman s education policy seems like not a solution to this country.I think instead of blaming him,we should promote education the way he is making efforts,at the same time ,all citizens of Pakistan should keep peace and stability in the country so you can see the fruit of Prof Ramhman and HEC s efforts.EDUCATION DOES NOT BRING SUCESS TO A NATION in days and months.It takes a ten year cycle.We have to fix all other systems in Pakistan to see eminent results of Prof and HEC s work

  4. It is 100 percent true that now Pakistan has top universities and also has thousand of new Ph Ds in different feilds. Some narrow minded people have the habit to do false and cheap propaganda againest HEC Pakistan and respected Dr Raheman.

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