Image of Pakistan – A confusion

I represent a small community of Pakistanis (HEC scholars) in Linz, Austria. We are in process of arranging a ‘Pakistan Day’ event in the university to let the academic community realize about TRUE Pakistan. I came across a news blogged by paknation about 25th World Performing Arts Festival to be held in Lahore from Nov, 13. I was happy to have something GOOD for the presentation about Pakistan. But happiness for Pakistanis is always short lived. Next, the news blogged by PKPolitics broke my heart mentioning the letter written by brave woman Amina Masood Janjua to the chief of ISI (Letter to The Chief of ISI). I have no words to express my feeling reading one line from her letter I request you as an aggrieved daughter of the Nation to please give me this much favor as to tell me how much money should I need to pay to buy back my Husband from American custody and similarly other valuable citizens of my beloved country….?

How can we moderate the image of a nation if it has a habit of selling its own citizens?


2 thoughts on “Image of Pakistan – A confusion

  1. Everyone should play its role. Young and educated people like us can really make a difference if we start it in our own circles, in our own way and with hope. Hope is the ‘key’. We should never be hopeless. And by the way, we really have many things to be hopeful.
    I am sorry, but I really do not understand your proposal. Should we wear some batches with slogans and do protest in and out of the country. Pakistanis are doing it. We should also use blogging and WWW forums to highlight the issues. But please be positive, Try to find solutions, instead of criticizing all the time.
    Best of Luck.

  2. i am also HEC scholar in norway. What i want to suggest that if all of us atleast students from pakistan wear somekind of batch with some slogan codenming this butality all the time not even abroad but also in Pakistan. On kind of slogan we can dicuss on the forum of pkpolitics. This could be a way to…. a kind of noticable thing to media and authorities…what you suggest ?

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