GEO and ARY blocked in Sindh

Transmission of Geo and ARY in cities of Sindh has been blocked. This reminds us of a similar incidence in Musharraf regime. But this time, it seems like that the action is taken by activists of MQM as hinted by Information Minister in Capital Talk. There are two points that we want to share here.

  1. If the transmission was blocked by activists of MQM without informing Central government, it highlights the state of coordination between coalition partners in Sindh. It also indicates the culture of intolerance and lack of democracy in the structure of MQM.
  2. If the transmission was blocked by using MQM activists and with the consensus of the Center, it is the hypocrisy, PPP is famous for.

We may not be in favor of media due to its current ‘dizzy’ mood, still independence of media should be supported, principally. Media should also take lesson from this situation and should report with sincerity.


One thought on “GEO and ARY blocked in Sindh

  1. “On November 17, 2008, “Geo TV” suddenly disappeared from the airwaves in Karachi. The blackout lasted about six hours. A senior “Geo” staffer told our senior information LES that the stoppage was a result of pressure being applied by one of the political parties due to “Geo” not airing a speech by one of its politicians. Post found out subsequently that another “Geo” official disclosed to an officer of a European diplomatic mission that they had taken themselves off the air in order to blame the political party, and garner support for the station.”

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