Moenjedaro and Ahmedabad

oldworld1It was astonishing to see support of people of Ahmedabad for Lahore Badshahs during ICL finals. In fact they supported Lahore instead of their own Hyderabad team.

During preparation of a slide show about Pakistan for an event, I indulged into knowing something about Indus Civilization. It is one of the four earliest urban civilizations of the world. The other three being Mesopotamia, Egyptian and Chinese.

indusmapIndus civilization dates back to 7000 BC. During its evolution, it was a cradle for four great cities. Two of them named Moenjodaro and Harappa lie in current Pakistan, whereas the other two named Rakhigarhi and Ganweriwala lie in current India. Not surprisingly, both cities in India are near Indus basic, first in Haryana and the second in Rajhistan, respectively.

In Pakistan the offshoots of Indus civilization are spread across both extremes in Balochistan to the mountains of Himalyas. Interestingly, the spread of Indus civilization in India in not towards East (interior of Indian). Rather it expands towards South (current Gandhinagar) originating from Moenjodaro.
indiamap_tourism3I do not want to draw any conclusion from this. But the coincidence of my intrigue to know about the nature of Ahmedabad’s crowd during ICL finals and desire to know something about ancient Indus civilization forced me to consider the following historical perspective. Ahmedabad is situated in Gandhinagar, an offshoot of Indus civilization originating from Moenjedaro.


One thought on “Moenjedaro and Ahmedabad

  1. kashifzia:

    the southern most point excavated is at remote lothal

    despite what the guides say it is an effort to visit it…give yourself a whole day to go from ahmedabad…very few tourists make it

    it is eerily calm and wind blown…and as you suggested we are all linked by past

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