Michael Jackson accepts Islam

Michael Jackson accepts Islam.
http://www.jang. com.pk/jang/ nov2008-daily/ 21-11-2008/ update.htm# 30
So should we.

BTW, Whether it is true or not, there is one very interesting question. Why ‘black’ celebrities in the USA are changing their faith, particularly converting towards Islam?


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson accepts Islam

  1. America has lost its identity. Its a country of many countries. Its a country where the native American has already lost its identity. USA primary objective was always to improve its own economic state, not really caring the moral ethos of a country. When you move to American history you will find that Africans are brought from Africa for slavery for American people. Above all, there are Asian, European, African etc. living in America. Many of these settlers still loves their own country more than USA and many of them are holding good position in business, politics etc. But their love for their Ancestors nation always there. Every year they contributes Millions of dollars as donation & charities to their own nation making America hollow internally. Everything changes and you see today Barack Obama become President of USA whose ancestor was African black.
    Michael Jackson conversion to Islam is nothing much to be debated that he disregard Christianity. Its same when you know the story of Cassius Clay, and later his conversion to Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. MJ is a frustrated person who has lost almost his wealth in the past years. Though he was christian earlier, but he could never lead a proper christian life and Americans never cares about him too. So, at the state he might have came influence to Islamic religion.

  2. I think, why ‘black’ celebrities in USA are changing their faith cause their has found their ancestor faith when their first come to USA. Most of the was Moslem.

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