In case of war between Pak & India

I have borrowed the following contents from a mail sent to me. Authenticity is not guaranteed.

Dear All,

If a purely conventional war were to take place between both these countries, India would most likely overpower Pakistan owing to its superior military technology and infrastructure, larger manpower, more territorial area and a strategic advantage in its sea and air forces

Both Pakistan and India are almost evenly matched head to head in nuclear and missile fronts, but it is also proven by neutral experts that Pakistan has plus over India in missile and nuclear technology. Besides all these facts  if Indian dear to mess with Pakistan one must not forget the following fact sheet

1) 40% world’s underweight children are in india
2) 70% population of india daily earns below Rs 20/-
3) 70% women in india are suffered from sexual torture
4) india is at 3 rd position in world for ill treating house wives.
5) 75% women in capital are suffered from sexual torture forcefully
6) Mumbai is at top in the world for prostitutes
7) Indian Army is at third for corruption in the world.
8) India is defeated three times by Pakistan (1948, 1965, 1999) by China in 1962, many times by Bengalies etc
9) tell me any neighbor with which u have better relations??? ??
10) all religion Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Budhists, and others are unsecured due to their faiths.
11) Churches, Temples , Gurdwaras, Mosques are burnt in india
12) india is at 94th among 140 most poor countries in the world, much below Pakistan
14) india is at top for child labor
15)what is SATTI????
16) 15 provinces are fighting for freedom.
16) visitors are raped and killed in india
17) india is at top where inter religion violance are very high.
18) india is at 3rd after USA and China where most of the girls become mother before marriage
19) most worst life standard in south asia is india , Pakistan is the best in south asia
20) india is at top for “sattey Bazi” in sports
21) indi is at second position for AIDS in the world, Pakistan at 74th feel the difference__ _
22)tiolet to population ratio in india is worst in the world
23) still confusion in the national anthm
24) Indian army is at top for suicides among military persons
25) there are more than 3 millions brothels in india indies are proud of them
26) mombai is world’s 7th and dehli (capital) world’s 20th dirtiest cities in the world. islamabad (capital) is at 2nd position for beauty in the world.

We are Muslim and we fight for death not for life that make the real difference between these two countries

The dilema with us is that we are disinformed.
than without any research, we admit any bad name for Pakistan and become advocates for that.
Come out of this sadness & fear

With Kind Regards


5 thoughts on “In case of war between Pak & India

  1. good conversation going on…as far as this thing is concern that where will be pakistan after 30 1947 indian leaders had same views about the future of pakistan but see we r right here, still standing after all ur hardworks to destroy us….
    …and yes coward people go for strength but for brave people no matter how many the opponents are just go and deliver no metter what will be the result…..
    …why every terrorist is muslim…hummmmmm…..what is the defination of terrorist….
    … i will not abuse any religion…because this is not the teachings of islam..
    and as far as war is concern.for pakistan we will start war with atom bomb and we will appretiate that india will follow..why??????
    india will destroy pakistan and pakistan will destroy india ( this is for sure)..
    then after war there will be no country left for hindusssss. but my dearssss there will be 55 countries still left for muslimsssss.
    just think from whom u always tries to take pangaaaaa……
    now who needs to mirror……………
    Mr. bombastic.hahahahahahahahaha

  2. u should have seen ur face in the mirror before writing this article
    pakistan’s population is 1/10 of India’s population
    Pakistan’s economy is less than 10% that of India
    An average indian aspires to be an engineer or doctor
    An average pakistan aspires to be a terrorist
    These are real facts

  3. There was recently a “technical problem” on the Pkpolitics website. Visitors and PKPolitics admins, beware. This is definitely a Zionist plot supported by RAW and CIA. They think Pakistan being the sole Islamic nuclear power has to be eliminated. And media is one pillar on which it is standing. This “technical issue” is definitely the beginning of their plot to destroy media, but inshallah we will not let that happen. Intelligent defense strategist Zaid Hamid has completely exposed their gameplan to us. Our obvious response to this should be to tell them that they have started this war by creating technical problem on our website, but WE will finish this war, and Radio Pakistan Delhi’s voice will be heard everywhere soon.

  4. Two to three decades from today, the gap between India and Pakistan would be so wide, that no one in Pakistan would ever take comforts from statistics, like the author of this article.
    Poverty is rampant in third world. China has reduced poverty in a big way in last thirty years, so did India. Thirty years from today, India will no be far behind China in all spheres of development, including poverty alleviation.
    Where will Pakistan be then, anyone’s guess…..!!!!

  5. why are all terrist muslim and not hindus and you might be indian as well this is the rispect you have for india pakistan is terrorist country and has to die inspite of all that more that 3000 mtric tonnes of wheat goes in pak pakistan is using 2nd hand wepons used by america on india why is that you are incorrect i have experiece for all people for all religion i know who is culprit you dont need to explain if you want to reply please reply to but reply on 18-feb 09

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