The REAL gangsters of Pakistan

One of the finest examples of curses of dictatorship involving politicians, judges, journalists, and gundaas under the patronage of Musharraf. We thank PKPolitics team for writing the story (The Pride of PCO Mafia – Bilal Khan Rangeela ) so brilliantly. We paste whole story from original to keep reading continuity.

The Pride of PCO Mafia – Bilal Khan Rangeela
February 13, 2009

It was a festive environment in Gujranwala and specially for the business community there, the day Nanno Goraya, a symbol of Terror in the area was killed in a police encounter. He was earlier arrested from Malaysia through Interpol on his involvement in a number of kidnappings for ransom, robberies and murders. He could never be arrested during the last regime of Chaudhry Brothers under patronage of General Musharraf because of the criminal mafia, which included pets of Chaudhries on top bureaucratic positions and in Judiciary like PCO Judge M Bilal Khan.

Haroon Rasheed explained the whole story and appraised DIG Zulfiqar Cheema in this recent Jang Column.

Unfortunately, Governor Salman Taseer and Law Minister Farooq Naek have met yesterday to arrange the Transfer the DIG hero of Gujranwala to the Federal Government.

The PCO Judge Bilal Khan linked with the one of the biggest murders Nanno Goraya, was also directly involved in the disqualification case against Sharif Brothers and it was proven that the verdict was engineered as per the Pervez Elahi audio tape scandal released by PMLN.

Nanno Goraya’s recorded statement confirmed that situation was even worse. Details of the statement revealed shocking incidents of wolf in disguise, PCO Judge Bilal Khan and how he was protecting his mafia fellow Nanno Goraya by abusing his judicial powers as a judge of Lahore High Court. How they were spending evenings and nights in Night Clubs of Dubai and how this criminal minded, so called judge was going to the extent to offer murders of opponents in police encounters.

Ansar Abbasi Writes:

Justice xxx said he could quash all my cases in one go. I said still I had to kill many persons. When I would kill all of them then I would request you to quash all my cases. Upon this the justice said, why you bother to kill your foes. We can get it done through the police. I said killing someone with one’s own hands has its own taste. The justice smiled

Its not only shameful, but rather disgusting that we have in media people like Abbas Athar who are ready to go to any extent to show their loyalty to their masters. And Abbas Athar finds Chaudhry Fawad Hussain for this shameful defence of Criminal Bilal Khan.

Many of you might have read Fawad Hussain Columns in Daily jang where he continues his venom spitting against movement for Rule of Law.

Fawad Hussain is nephew of Ex-Chief Justice of Lahore High Court who retired on 31st December 2007. He is the same judge who initiated the reference against the Honorable Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. This another criminal Judge is brother of Ex-Minster of PMLQ Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain from Jehlam and uncle of District Nazim Jhelum, who are both notorious in their area for their criminal activities. This is the same gang who opened fire on peaceful protesters of movement for Rule of Law during Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s visit to Lahore in May 2007.

Fawad Hussain’s uncle was known as the most corrupt Chief Justice in the history of Lahore High Court. Also, reportedly, Bilal Khan Rangeela and uncle of Fawad Hussain (Iftikhar Hussain) were part of the same mafia who have long history of protecting criminals and consequently are directly responsible for the murders of many innocent people.

Fawad Hussain, who knows that era of those colourful nights when his uncle Iftikhar Hussain and PCO Judge Bilal Khan used to enjoy the prostitutes of Dubai on the looted money from Pakistan are over.

We can understand the pain this mafia is going through these days. But the main question is why people like Abbas Athar who openly claim to be Zardari’s supporters are worried? What is his relation to this Mafia?

The answer lies in the fact that they are the same herd of wolves, they are the same mafia and they are the same group who believe that Movement for Rule of Law is a threat for their Status-Quo.

These kind of people should remember that the public is fully aware of their words and actions, and if something like French Revolution happens in Pakistan, they will be the first targets of the hatreds of Pakistani Nation.


13 thoughts on “The REAL gangsters of Pakistan

  1. Pakistan’s leaders are so many things if I would explain them it would take me months, However, what they are not is, Hardworking, merciful, diplomatic, peaceful, they posses NONE of the qualities I have mentioned. They are sick people in politics for just one reason; money, They put money in Swiss accounts, they use black money, they have so many mills, they have so many houses, so many cars, so many people as their servants, They are Despicable Leaders they have no idea on how to run a country let alone give their people democracy and any kind of education. If a leader would not be Corrupt the people would not have any need of doing the same thing. It is my sincere wish that the next leader of Pakistan should be Beloved Imran khan. Zain-ul-Abideen, 13-year-old, Pakistan,Lahore.

  2. If the leaders would not be corrupt, the people would have no need to be currupt. As they would be litterate if the politicans would have nicely maintained public schools. It depends on the leaders if they can do anything, if they are capable to do so, then we can be a much better nation. No need to be corrupt. No need to have black money. No need to put money in Swiss banks. Just a genuinely developed Country it would be, no fuss. Please the leaders of pakistan , It is my Sincere wish that you get better in what you do and handle the country well.
    13-year-old, Zain-ul-abideen, lahore

  3. This is extreme favoritism. Chief Justice SC himself is a PCO Judge – Why they rule of law is for all other PCO judges except him?

    You know everything is corrupt in Pakistan! now i feel including you.

    CJ campaigns were very promising! ” Qanoon ka bol bala ho ga ” and “Amm admi ko Insaaf ke yaqeeni farhami ho ge”

    These are all bullshit – CJ is totally politicize – There is nothing working in Hight Courts, Lower courts except SC’s Bench no1 . What a bullshit

    What has happened after CJ is restored? nothing it costs to the common people of Pakistan. People of Pakistan arae notihng geting this!

  4. kamran

    f :rasool

    your comment on shabiz sharif building hospital, thats what politicians should be doing. Anyhow did he use his own money, oh sorry he and nawaz has stolen billions from the poor if he has given back 2% of money looted wowwwwwww weeeeeeeee. he has done jack shit on his own merit.
    Let me give u an example: suppose i take 100 rupees from u and give 2 rupees to a poor person on the street, and i tell everyone that i gave 2 rupees to that poor guy on street. Do i deserve to be praised?

    And allah knows best

  5. I ll tell you what Shabaz Sharif has done he has done one thing in Lahore which no one dares to do he made hospital free for every one checks to make sure they are run properly our people are like lambs who fallow sheep who has no leadership qualities just cause he comes from some rich family look at Zardari you call him a leader where was he when Pakistan needed leadership and was dying of floods and hunger he was safe in Europe collecting more money for his bank account you call him leader he is traitor and disgrace to Pakistan. Pakistanis need a leader who is not afraid of but show compassion and share the pain with his people and sit on the floor with them and not some high chair in Islamabad office let them feel what hunger is like let them feel what its like to be poor but most of all be a father figure ,a brother,a uncle some who can be with his people to share their pain and to you all Pakistanis I say lets get off your back side and form a new leader who can lead us out of wilderness not rob us but build Pakistan which our for fathers Gave their lives for and let make dream of our great Father Mohammed Ali Jinha come true let not not someone like Zardari make our lives Misery i do not care which party he comes from So come on you Pakistanis lets move and make Pakistan Great May Allah give our Pakistan a heart that will save us from hell Amin F.Rasool

  6. And also go and talk about hamid mir how much is he taking from the government for being there TOUT ! GO and ask punjab govt where are there children driving bmw’s from ? were they born this rich ?? go and ask how much they have made in saudia arabia!!! go get details of their assetts . they should go back to their bhatii’s and make loha !! not run a govt. they are born thieves .

  7. shame on all of you ! who do you think are shareef brothers ?? they are not even politicians …they are lohaar’s . all these stories and giving a bad name to someone are fabricated from them just because one JUDGE was in the panel which declared the biggest thief of paksitans history nawaz sharif illegable for elections it means that the person is a criminal?? yes you are right anything is possible in this country where we done have respect for eachother !! let alone anyone else. who has given you or anyone else the right or the liberty to talk about any one in bad way ? who are we? we are a poor third world country with thieves and killers like nawaz sharif and shehbaz sharif ..why dont we do something about them first ? why cant we see how miserable they have made our lives ? do u even know how much they are spending on themselves from the government money ? and the poor are dying of hunger and floods and the lohaars are busy collecting money for their generations to come. Go and look back in history and see what kind of respect and high value was given to the judiciary to the judges to law !! its people like you all who encourage these low down second rate politicians to do whatever they want to . Even the QURAN says : kisi doosray mayn burai daykhnay say pehlay apnay aap ko daykh lo… Bilal khan , asghar haider or any other judge should be treated with respect ! but we dont learn anything because we like to stay undeducated . educate yourselves ! dont waste your time in giving bad name to people who are not even a part of your life and have caused you no harm.

  8. Any Thing is possible in Pakistan. And this Judge is now the CJ of Islamabad High Court.

    How CJ Iftikhar Ch will work under these jiyalas of PPP in HIGH COURTS and Supreme COURT.


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