Who is responsible for Sri Lankan team attack in Lahore – An early analysis

So there it goes again. By going through all the comments made by people at different Blogs, I am able to conclude the following:

  • Generally people have rejected the idea that Taliban are behind this attack as hinted by Interior Minister.
  • Majority of people sees an Indian link in this attack.
  • Quite a few also blame Salman Taseer and Zardari to mastermind the attack to stop Nawaz Sharif and lawyers movement.

After surfing through the reports of the incident, there are few things which are noticeable.

  • Attackers never really wanted to hurt Sri Lankan team a lot. Otherwise they could have adopted to stop the bus first and then attack it.
  • After 30 minutes of firing, no attacker out of 12 was arrested, hurt or killed. All escaped safely.
  • There was a deliberate effort to make incident look similar to Mumbai attacks.
  • Salman Taseer, Altaf Hussain and Nazir Naji are claiming that its the same people who attacked Mumbai. Quite a co-incidence in similarity of statements.

Now few very approprite comments:

from New York Times
Mr. Rehman said the gunmen were in their early 20s and were bearded. He described them as resembling Pathans, an ethnic group that dominates North West Frontier Province and tribal areas, an apparent suggestion that assailants were Taliban militants from the tribal areas.

There are three most likely scenarios. They have more or less already been presented by various people.
1. RAW i.e. the Indians are behind this heinous act of terrorism. Execution could be carried out by many groups. It could be MQM terrorists, afghans for sale or other Pakistanis for sale.
2. PPP & MQM could also be partners in crime. Why? Obviously to distract the Long march, dharna and illegal toppling of Punjab government.
3. The allied gang in collaboration with India. Aim: To sabotage the SWAT peace efforts.

Ansar Abbasi just claimed that he has an intelligence report that was sent by Agencies to Sec interior kamal shah, interior sec Punjan, IG Punjab, and CM Punjab on Jan 20 that RAW is planning attack on Sri Lnakan team and it may be occur on the way between hotel and stadium. After this letter, CM Mian Shahbaz took strict action during last visit of Lankan team for one-day series BUT after removal of CM, there happened big security laps and this event happened.

After compiling all comments, facts and reports, we can safely conclude that attack has support of government machinery. What benefits they get out of this situation.
1. Stop Nawaz Sharif and Lawyers movement.
2. Destabilize Pakistan in almost every aspect.
3. Stop Islamic Law movement by blaming Taliban for it.
To ensure a diversion, they tried to frame India for it, so that public is satisfied. But they would not go after India to make it unhappy, thats for sure. Indian and other agencies can be part of all arrangement.

There is a huge consensus that Zardari, Taseer, Rehman Malik, Sherry Rehman, Altaf Hussain, journalists like Naji and Abbas Ather and Taliban are working together to break this country. One of the comments suggested and can be true:
Salman Taseer MI6 + Rahman Malik (CIA) + Zardari beghairat (CIA+zionist+RAW) = Breaker and broker of Pakistan


6 thoughts on “Who is responsible for Sri Lankan team attack in Lahore – An early analysis

  1. hey folks u have a friend from india,,, i think the attack on sri lankan team has not only worsened the image of pakistan ,but also of the entire subcontinent. but one thing which it has done ,is to make the antipakistan sentiment in india post mumbai carnage into a pakistan sympathising one.both india and pakistan need a broader perspective in this matter,else i fear there might me more mumbais and lahores coming down the pipeline.its good to see that finally some young minds in pakistan are breaking those mental shackles and thinking of rebuilding their contry.no matter howmuch we indians feel confident of our rising economic dimensions and incredible progress we need pakistan to fulfill our global aspirations,, vice versa pakistan needs india to fulfill its desire to become an ideal frontline islamic state. I WUD be extremely happy is some thinking mind across the border communicates with me.. OM SHANTI…..PEACE FOR ALL..

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  4. Pakistanis especially people from Punjab always needs an escape goat to hide their own sind.
    The attack seems to be work of the people involved in Mumbai attacks and itched by the arrests of their leaders, recently an urdu daily published the report that these people are planning to target Punjab, as most of the people worked in that specific organization are from Punjab.

    Talibans and Jehadis are becoming a threat to the state of Pakistan but the people like the one who writes this post always trying to hide the real culprits.

    Dosraoo ki Ankh may Baal talash kernay waloo apnai aank ka Shahteer to talash karo

  5. I am sick of us Pakistanis always blaming others for all that goes wrong in our country. We have to get our act together. Our country is currently is a basket case and we have no one to blame except ourselves, we need to take responsiblity. We are guilty of self imposed victimhood. We need leaders who are nation builders who can lead Pakistan to build long term prosperity. We need to focus on ourselves and not waste time, effort and resources sparring with India. Makes us look like fools. Abdul

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