Comments – A Guantánamo guard accepts Islam

A self-explanatory story of faith …

Terry Holdbrooks stood watch over prisoners at Gitmo. What he saw made him adopt their faith.

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As a pre-9/11 American convert to Islam it is nice to read about such beautiful things happening in the chaos that has come after the destruction of that day.
I remember 9/11 vividly and I remember the terror that shook at all of us, Muslim and Christian alike, at my workplace. I remember my Pakistani friends being attacked in their shops on the 12th and 13th and the Mall security guards doing nothing to stop it and the local police doing nothing to investigate it. I remember wondering if the concentration camps would come for us like they had come for the Japanese after what happened at Pearl Harbor. They came in the form of secret prisons and Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.
I am thankful that servicemen who could see beyond the orders and see humans behind the prison uniforms. I am thankful for commanding officers like my father who had already been practicing Muslims before the start of the war in Iraq and who were able to serve their country valiantly and with honor while maintaining firm hold on the religion and teaching it’s peace to others.
I am thankful that this country of America is bigger than the bigotry from outside which wants people to look at it’s evils more than its goods and that America is bigger than the bigotry from within that wants to blame all Muslims, Arabs and Pakistanis for the actions of a handful of psychotics on the payroll of a rich man. I am thankful that true Muslims follow the teachings of a poor Arab from 1500 years ago and not the teachings of a spoiled brat construction manager hiding in Afghanistan today.

As a Muslim this whole article is shocking.

First off I would like to say that from an unbiased perspective the chain of command and soldiers at Gitmo seem ignorant. Hostility to Islamic practices does not make one a bigot as some practices by Muslims (and for that matter Christians and Jews) should not be accepted.

For example Orthodox Jews have mohel Rabbis remove blood through oral suction from newly circumcised infants (and even with “pure” non sexual intentions the health risk of the contraction of genital herpes is unacceptable).

Throughout history many cultures have had evil practices, I assure the readers of this blog that most Muslims do not believe in the evil things associated with the faith, however I can fully understand why Westerners would hate Muslims because of some disturbing traditions that are at the very least “on the books.”

With that said it does not appear that the Gitmo staff really knew things and their hatred seemed to be driven by blind bigotry.

Holdbrooks is clearly a troubled man, his conversion to Islam is not something that should not be celebrated and he has most probably previously lapsed and the likelihood of him remaining a Muslim are slim unless he marries into the community. Too many disturbing texts exist in Islam (although as a Muslim I proudly assert my desire to see the laws of the Holy Quran applied in Islamic Societies) and I am specifically referring to the Hadiths, and in particular the more obscure ones (although even some of the Sahih Hadiths would make Westerner Readers, and Muslims, cringe).

With that said the whole Gitmo affair was a mess, for the most part the people put in Gitmo were either poor Afghan farmers and foreign merchants. The young Moroccan Man’s tale is not unusual, and this whole war on terror is a farce.

This story highlights many things that are wrong with America.

As a Muslim woman, I can assure you it is certain men (worldwide) that treat women badly, regardless of religion, race, education etc. Islam does not abuse women. You have no right to tell me, a Muslim woman with knowledge of Islam, otherwise. Adultery is illegal for both men AND women, it is absolute rubbish to suggest otherwise and you are getting your information from the wrong sources. With regards to face covering, this is something that we differ upon- some scholars say we should cover the face and the majority say the face is fine to be seen. You cannot, in Islamic law, kill a woman for uncovering her face! You couldn’t even kill her for walking around naked, although any man or woman who did this would be punished (the same for men and women) as they would be committing an indecent act. You are an infidel so no Muslim would think twice about killing you huh? How ridiculous, I think that sums up the level of your intellect. My family are atheists, yet I am required to love and respect them, especially my mother, as she is the one who gave birth to me and sacrificed her life to provide for me. I live around non-Muslims and work with non-Muslims and although they may not share the same beliefs as me, we share many common values and principles. My religion requires me to be kind and merciful to people- as Muslims we have to believe that for us to expect mercy from God, we have to show it to others.

I suggest you talk only about things you have real knowledge of. You seem to be an extremely ignorant individual.

Congratulations to the brother who has embraced Islam, and may God bless those who helped him in his journey. Islam is an intellectual religion requiring real study, it is not something that you can judge on propaganda.

As for the comments on bombing servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan – if they weren’t there they wouldn’t be bombed. If your country did not interfere in parts of the world it has no right to, nobody would have a problem with you. You have no right to imprison people without charge- if that happened the other way round it is called hostage – taking! How hypocritical.

Politics aside, it’s so wonderful to see how many people are seeing beyond the lies and propaganda and embracing Islam.

This is a great example of the difference between journalism and a narrative. This person was a drug addict (the author irresponsibly only gave the implication”track marks on his arm” so as not to reduce his credibility), an alcoholic, and the parents of drug addicts. Every person detained by the army is not a terrorist by the time the facts have been sorted out, but most are. These men were allowed to pray every day, given proper meals, medical attention, were not beaten, and live to see our death. Newsweek should report about the men who worked at the prison and served their country honorably, respectfully, and dutifully, not marginalize the efforts of brave men and women by casting doubt on their mission by glorifying one confused man and his decision that we must be the enemy. Our treatment of prisoners is better than any other country on the history of warfare; we will interrogate those we think have information that may help save the lives of other Americans. Exposed them to cold? Shackled them uncomfortably? This is not torture you lbieral ideological fool. Shame on Newsweek and this poor excuse of a journalist for trying to sell more magazines by posting this tabloid trash.

La Martin(French Poet): (Mohammed is the founder of 20 empires on earth , with only one spiritual empire)
(The greatest event of my life that I read about prophet Mohammed)

Gandhi:(After reading about Mohammed I became aware that the sword was not the mean which by the Islam was spread)
Bernard Shaw: The world is now in a necessary need for man with Mohammed s thoughts

Tolstoy: The Quran will predominant the world because its harmony with the logic and wisdom

Goethe(German philosopher): Our law s in Europe are not sufficient, and we in the west with all our knowledge science won t achieve to what Mohammed has achieved, and no one will


2 thoughts on “Comments – A Guantánamo guard accepts Islam

  1. the last paragraph is a tad disturbing and highly americanized.

    “These men… were not beaten… Our treatment of prisoners is better than any other country…exposed them to cold? Shackled them uncomfortably? This is not torture ”

    i think those who were electrocuted beg to differ.

    i think those on whom waterboarding was done would beg to differ.

    i think those who were put in prisons without a trial would beg to DIFFER. entire family lives ruined without any justification.

    one would wonder why this highly patriotic american “muslim” would omit all this out?

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