Lahore under attack again

1. The Lahore attack seems to be a joint venture of India, Afghanistan and their assets in Pakistan. Obama recent inclination of change in reigime in Afghanistan, India’s desire of becoming a regional power and one of the suspect caught suggest a possible chemitry. See report with pictures
2. Big media of big country reporting Lahore attack… Full story

Long Live Pakistan. We will emerge inshaAllah.


2 thoughts on “Lahore under attack again

  1. USA,Israel and India Tricia involve behind this attack. We are not understand why Pakistan govt. do not blame on this Tricia.

  2. Yes, OTHERS are involved in Lahore attack and want to destabilize us. But are we that much DUMB and fools that we LAWAYS dance to OTHERS tunes? Then how we are going to rise! Yes, no one suffered more than us in fighting others war, but are we ready to sacrifice if we don’t get the salary for fighting others war? NO SIR I DON”T THINK SO. We always try to blame others and close our eyes from our own responsibilities.USA / EUROPE / AFGHANISTAN please leave us alone and fight your own war.

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