VIP culture in Pakistan – a must read

Column by JAVED CHUADHARY, published in Daily Express today.


4 thoughts on “VIP culture in Pakistan – a must read

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please bring in to light the VIP and high society culture of Islamabad, the class difference between people (which the residents have created and following) living in the diplomatic and VVIP areas of Islamabad like E’s and F’s and Farm houses as compared to those who are average and middle class people of the city. I belong to Rawalpindi and a middle class person but I (and many others like myself) am not allowed to be the part of social gatherings which are for high profile people ONLY.. and if u get into there then you will be treated like a piece of shit.. My question is why? If you are launching a product for general public then why do you treat those people in such a way who will be your product’s potential buyers. I out of my curiosity and love for art and fashion happened to attend a High Society Fashion Show in Islamabad (details undisclosed) but when I called to check for the details to attend then I was being told that its for V.V.I.Ps ONLY… Such things happened to me a lot of times and people just don’t prefer to talk to me only because I am not minister’s son, don’t live in E or F of Islamabad and don’t have BMW car. People don’t vouch for me just because I am not any kind of famous brand…

    My question is Why? We are the people who go to the shopping centers to buy the newly introduced products being launched by these high profile people. If we are their definite source of earning then why do they treat us this way when it comes to their social gatherings? Means we don’t even deserve to stay connected with famous people???

  2. Dear Sir you have written a thought provoking article, this article must to read our so called politicians but i know they will not read it because they want such culture that is why they struggle for get seats and show their power. the question is that how can we alleviate the VIP culture from our country while you have presented excellent examples of westerns countries PMs, Presidents and other authorities. I think we can not eradicate this system untill we become a welfare state.

  3. jis din hum log VIP culture , protocol n rishwat k nizam sy bahir a jaeen ge us k bad koi be hamain taraqi karny sy ni rok sakta ur na he hum sy takar ly sakta hy ur jab tak hum en bemarion mn jakry rahin gay har koi hamian nanga karta rahy ga aao yeh ahad karin k kam sy kam hum log rishwat ni dain gy chaey kuch b ho jay es system ko kisi ur ny ni hum ny he change karna hy aao barish ka pehla qatra ban jaeen ur yaqeenan Allah Pak ke madad b humaray satah shamil ho ge

  4. Dear and respected Javed Chaudhary, Assalam-o-Alaikum. It gives me at least a sigh of relief that there some souls still in my beloved homeland who have the basics of humanity in their heart and mind. Otherwise looking at our overall deeds of the nation as a whole, i become too upset as regards our future. However, i just wanted to make a comment that that it is not only the leaders and the rulers who are completely drowned in such quagmire, most peopel at individual level also suffer from such a mental state. Even the rice seller at a (food) stall always puts back small quantity of the rice from the plate that he fills for his client while on the other hand the client always like to take “choonga” at the end. This example is indicative of the fact that we do not want to expend any thing but to make more and more from the neck of the others. My suggestion therefore will be in the honore of famous writers (especially the Urdu writers) to please divert all your attentions towards the social education of the masses. To me it is more urgent than any formal education (afterall the most corrupt are the most educated lot in my country), economic reforms, defence upgradation, judicial reforms etc, etc. We need to be socially and emotionally stable to take all other measures but the basis is our social fibre which is at stake.
    I am a very poor and common man but I have a deep insigh of affairs at national and international levels. I am aware of the international environment and the compulsions thereof too. I am sure you are yourself such a wounderful analyst and may need nothing from a small man like me but even then if u need my analytical view on any matter i will be obliged to do so alongwith possible solutions (one man’s view point).
    Thanking you and wishing best of luck. Abdul Waheed.

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