Karachi incident – Media wins again

Pakistan is a unique country. There are so many mean and corrupt elements in the society that its hard to believe that it still exits on the map. The recent Karachi incident is a classical example of dishonesty of our elite with Pakistan and its people.

Before blaming anyone for the incident, there are few facts that must be in mind:

  • When the looting and rampage started, police ran away from the affected regions. They only came back when they realized that they would encounter nobody.
  • The fire brigade trucks were not able to reach to the fired regions even when the looters/terrorists were long gone.
  • There was no security checking of the route or the box which has the bomb was not checked.
  • If the blast was detonated with wireless signal through cellular phone, where were the jammers which the authorities claim that the procession was equipped with.
  • Where were the MQM workers? They only contented looking their city burnt by few hundred people. Everybody knows that MQM street force is very active and armed. Why couldn’t they stop a handful of people?

I have been thinking about all these facts and have come up with a theory which, to me, is very alarming. First of all it was a plot of interior ministry (Rehman Malik), Blackwater and MQM. Its a common methodology that to solve a case, one should look for the beneficiary. It has been a part of great plan of USA and allies to see Karachi as a separate entity from Pakistan. The terrorism, secretarial violence and economic meltdown are the perfect tools. Additionally, through this incident they were able to escalate hatred of Karachiites towards Pakistan and create a doubt against Karachiites in rest of the Pakistan. They could not do it without the help of Govenment (at least interior ministry) and MQM. Because at any time the Police or MQM workers could jump in to stop the violence.  MQM achieved their Karachi related agenda by blazing the markets they were interested in.

The only positive perspective of the incident is the right timing of the media to expose whats happening. It not only kept the emotions of the people intact, but also, pressurize the MQM leadership to prove themselves to be innocent. To do so, they started cooperating the affected market owners.

This theory can well be wrong but at the same time most probable. However, blaming MQM as part of the plot can be a weak assumption if they answer the fire brigade issue and reason for the fact that MQM workers never responded in a convincing manner.


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