Imran Khan – New name, Old faces

Considering the youth support for Imran Khan in the streets, everyone was expecting the nomination of fresh, educated and young candidates in the coming bi-elections. Somehow the decisions of PTI so far has not come to the expectations. Here I quote from one of the topic of the discussion forum of PTI official website where discussion is about the most suitable candidacy from different constituencies.

It is matter of serious concern that CEC-PTI has nominated a person who got only 31 votes in the 2002 elections from NA-123. I think this is a suicidal attempt made by CEC-PTI although the current political situation is entirely different from 2002. Without any doubt PTI is getting popularity in Lahore and other areas, as a rule of thumb contestant own vote bank and his influence in the area is mandatory for winning big elections especially when the seat belongs to other party. Why CEC-PTI does recommend Ijaz Khan Jazi to contest election from NA-55. The reason is very simple that Ijaz Khan has got own vote bank in NA-55 and in last bi-election he got more that 12000 votes. In my personal opinion most appropriate PTI representative in NA-123 is Mr. Imran Khan (chairman PTI), Why

1) Historically this seat belongs to PML-N and NS got a very strong influence in NA-123

2) IK is the only person who can give tough time to PML-N candidate.

3) Presence of IK in National Assembly is inevitable.

4) By winning this election, the perception of strong hold of PML-N in Lahore and particularly Punjab would be eliminated by large.

5) PTI popularity graph would definitely be swung to sky limit if IK wins from NA-123.

6) Perception of people would be eradicating that IK can only win from Mianwali (NA-71).

7) Mian Hamid Meraj may be a good candidate but his chances of winning are meager as compare to IK.

8) I think door to door campaign is needed in areas where election is being held especially in low income areas.

9) Last but not the least NA-55 election is being held on Feb24, 2010 and NA-123 is being held on March 10, 2010. It means before Lahore election the result of NA-55 would be announced. If our candidate Ijaz Khan Jazi wins then it gives a moral boost for PTI in Lahore election and if Sheikh Rasheed wins then it will also hurt PML-N popularity graph in Punjab.

10) Hence, I would suggest PTI-CEC to reconsider their decision of contesting Hamid Mairaj from NA-123 and we believe that this time IK has to come forward by contesting NA-123 because chances IK for winning NA-123 is almost certain.

Whether IK decides to contest with NS in NA 123 or not, the following question remain unanswered in overall scenario:

I was expecting something different from IK. He has again gone for PML-N and PML-Q baaqiaat from NA 55 and 123 respectively. If the resources are the same, how the change could be expected. And if reliance on the same (notorious) faces is must for ‘winning’, then why did he boycott in main elections. Its ridiculous. IN FACT I DO NOT SEE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PTI AND OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES IN THIS CONTEXT.


10 thoughts on “Imran Khan – New name, Old faces

  1. I can confidently say that innocent and young jiyalas of PTI will be very disappointed when the cat is out of the bag.

    Please put your right hand on your heart and ask yourself who are the people jumping the bandwagon of PTI? Are there any criminals, bogus degreeholders, political turncoats in the ranks? If you you swear under oath that there is no criminal, bogus degreeholder, political-turncoat or a lota inducted in PTI’s fold then please don’t read further! STOP!!!

    For neutral, impartial and patriotic Pakistanis having the ability to understand this quagmire, please read the following examples to realize this joke being done with Pakistan:

    On 25th November2011 Imran Khan inducted Sardar Faiz Tamman in his party. FAIZ TAMMAN is the same person who had to resign from National Assembly due to his bogus degree. He was earlier elected from from NA-61 but was thrown out by his party due to fraudster conduct. Can a fraudster ever be honest with the country or its people?

    During a bye-election in NA-55 on 24th February 2010, Imran Khan’s candidate was IJAZ KHAN JAZI. He is known to be a hardened criminal and a notorious gangster running a gambling den. If he ever manages to come to government, he will definitely declare gambling as the national sport of Pakistan!

    On 5th October 2011, MIAN AZHAR was welcomed in Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf. He is the same person who had served as Governor of Punjab and subsequently an MNA from NA-92. After General Musharraf’s coup d’etat he formed PML-Q to prove his loyalty to his new master. However, despite his loyalty, Mian Azhar was kicked out during the election of 2002. This “lota” has got a new lease of life under Captain Imran Khan!

    On 27th November 2011, ZAFFAR IQBAL WARRAICH joined PTI. He was State Minister in General Musharraf’s cabinet and is directly responsible for Lal Masjid massacre:
    He is also a close relative of Tariq Aziz, the former weeler-dealer and Secretary of dictator General Pervez Musharraf. He desparately needs to stay in a government to avoid accountability!

    On 27th November 2011, during the same rally in Ghotki, Shah Mehmood Qureshi was formally taken on board by PTI. He is the same person who was alleged to have sold Pakistan’s sovereignty for Kerry-Lugar Bill. See how he was praising the Kerry-Lugar Bill:

    The reason why Shah Mehmood Qureshi sold Pakistan’s sovereignty was because his own son SHAH ZAIN QURESHI was working for US Senator John Kerry:

    Shah Mehmood Qureshi was serving his US masters till the time he was nominated as Minister for Water & Power, due to which he resigned.

    If the above real-time examples did not help you in understanding the conspiracy then please browse through the following news items with an open mind:


    What is the character of these PML-Q leaders and corrupt nazims?
    Don’t they bow with every wind of change?
    Can they ever bring revolution in this country?
    Can they stay out of government for long?
    They simply jump into a party by looking at behind-the-curtain establishment and join every government to protect their past loot.

    It is now evident that this is another proxy of the establishment after fizzling out of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (remember PAT/Tahir-ul-Qadri was once a darling of the state’s official media) and then Pakistan Islamic Front (remember “zalmo Qazi aa raha hai” of 1993) and later the conspiracy to break the rightist votebank became evident to the people. It transpires that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf is part-3 of the same conspiracy.

    Wake Up Pakistan!

  2. yar Imran Khan is bringing change first NA 55 CANDIDATE was part of PMLN then he became part of PMLQ and now he is the part of PTI. dont you think he served PML both times now he is serving PTI…Imran Khan has brought change of two words for Jaazi Khan from “ML” to “TI”….:)


  4. There was a time when I was studying at Gordon College,I used to live there.
    Which gang Jazi belong to?you did not mention that.
    My interaction with people belonging to that constituency has not been that bad about Jazi.Yes,there are people who comes up with a point that he is a political lota’ but again why would someone like him join PTI?For corruption?For what kind of malpractice?Beyond my understanding.Other parties offer a lot better environment for such things.

  5. I belong to Rawalpindi city and I know the reputation of Ijaz Jazi. People are asking the question: ‘If IK has to give ticket to a gang leader, whats the difference?’.

    I really believe in IK. I am not against him. But this should have been different. Morally correct and more decent candidates can be found. Because no body would vote to the candidate. It would be party vote. The importance of candidate is becoming less and less with each election.

  6. @KashifZia
    How did you know it’s lost seat?
    For change,faces have got to be those who have never been found involved in malpractices like corruption and treason and it doesn’t have anything to do with so called new faces.Which of these two consituencies candidates from PTI have been found involved in malpractices?
    He himself is an old face,should we stop him from contesting elections?
    Your argument doesn’t make much sense considering the fact PTI is strengthning itself for Mid term elections which are bound to take place in 2010.

  7. Well Selfish!!! Is he going for a single seat in NA. Is that his motto? I think he is not going for NA 123 because he knows that its a lost seat.

    My question is that why his so called massive campaign could not produce new faces in urban and educated areas like RWP and LHR. If this election is about the ideology, why bother for ‘powerful’ candidates. This is not the way of change, thats the bottom line. Change should start from the basics.

  8. Well you have presented a narrow version of this event.
    IK would have been termed as selfish if he had become a candidate for NA123.And after wining elections it would have again been proven that PTI is one man show.
    You need to look at this a bit broadly.
    And remember PTI is not looking for short term gains,it has already started its massive campaign in many parts of the country for MId term election.Bi election are just formality as elections are being held on the order of courts so not contesting election was not an option.

    I have also come to know that PMLQ is going to support PTI candidate in NA123 as it seems that PMLQ is sure that PTI can beat PMLN in that constituency with their help.

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