Khilafat Movement in Pakistan

Newsline published an article named Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan in current issue. I am familiar with HuT from my early teens (in late 80s) when I saw its pamphlet particularly in cantonment areas. I personally knew some officers who were somehow attached with it. I do not exactly know the situation now, but at that time, it was usual to see religious sentiments in military ranks. And at the same time civilians used to talk about corruption and money games in army in particular. Nevertheless, striving for whatever cause it maybe in a peaceful manner, cannot be criticized. However, I have two observations:

  1. Escape from Practicality: Aiming for a much higher aim which is not achievable in near future can set a person to talk high and do nothing. I do not know how much these professionals (doctors, engineers, officers) are doing to change the society in their surrounding.
  2. Choice of System: Related to above statement, it is very easy to say that the system is not right. But its the people who run a system. Are we taking full advantage of whatever system we have. And then, after doing this pursuing for a new system. Or it is again an escape.
Let these movements bring good to the society which can be seen. Then there would be no stopping towards the ultimate goal.

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