Spot Fixing Scam: Is justice done?

I am NOT supporting Salamn, Asif and Amir in anyway. They deserve what they got. But has the “British” justice system done the justice.


Did they bring in the bookies into the spot light? The main source of money.

Did they wanted to know about the whole network of corruption involving businessmen, boards, and players from other countries?

How these players are serving their sentences in the UK, Legally?


Its really sad to see behavior of our board and Government who did not say a word. Board should have intervened to make it a more general event in which all the countries are invoked. Government should have intervened to get their citizens back to Pakistan. Why was this trial held in UK at first place. We should have done this investigation in our country. Forget about the board, government should have intervened.

Shame on everyone who is involved and management from board to the highest level.



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