Raising funds for PTI in the USA: Opportunity or Hypocricy

Is Imran Khan visiting USA and Canada to raise funding for the party, that would be used in incoming Elections? If that is the case, should he be congratulated or criticized?

Imagine that he is saying to Pakistan-based community in the USA to support him and his party, so that he can come into power. And then he would ask the USA to stop the drones and leave Afghanistan. He is asking the citizens of the USA to support him stop the USA. He should be congratulated that he will be able to get funds from the USA citizens against the USA. Or is it hypocrisy at its highest level for which he should be criticized.

The main agenda of Imran Khan revolves around his stand against USA policies in the region. But while asking for the support would he be able to state about it explicitly. Would he ever say that we are against USA and its policies with the same vigor as he says it in the TV shows in Pakistan? If not, he would just be another hypocrite in a crowd of it. And rightly so. It is because, how many of these so called supporters of the PTI donating to it, have courage to question their own government regarding what they believe is wrong. How many of these Pakistanis would risk something to help Pakistan get out the bad situation due to their own Government.

As overseas Pakistani, I see no bone in Pakistani community. Either they are frighten or do not have interest in building Pakistan in a positive manner. However, richer of them do contribute time to time. Imran Khan should also be congratulated of knowing this fact and getting benefit from all possible channels. As we say in Urdu that “behti ganga main haath dhoona”, but without bothering that the river Ganga is in India not Pakistan.


One thought on “Raising funds for PTI in the USA: Opportunity or Hypocricy

  1. And the following argument sums it all (http://www.lfpress.com/2012/10/26/imran-khan-pulled-off-flight-to-us-for-questioning):

    Mohammad Arif
    Hahaha…. Americans are afraid of Imran Khan. Then what will happen when he becomes PM of Pakistan. I think then the coward US President will start hiding from him. COWARD AMERICANS.

    Tim Trinier
    The Western society’s let morons like you in the country, if you’re such a proud Pakistani,or such, what the hell are you doing here. Cowards running for cover.

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