PTI intra-party poll in Islamabad

PTI starts intra-party poll to rid politics of ‘family controls’.

User Comments on original new above:

Btw, Total registered voters in Islamabad in elections 2008 were 481,000, If 88,000 are PTI members as per their official stats, that constitutes 18% of overall registered voters, which is alarmingly low (I take bold assumption of no increase in registered voters).

Also, In 2008, PMLN got 61480 votes from NA-48 and 45482 from NA-49 (These are Islamabad constituencies) which makes 107,000 votes. Mind you, Islamabad is one of most educated cities with vibrant youth there. Time to think for PTI policy members.

In response to the above comment:

I think having even 50,000 members in Islamabad is substantial. These are the people who are members and would definitely vote (if they have voted now). Just imagine how many dedicated voters are there for other parties. Few thousands in a constituency! I think 90% of the people can vote to any party in their wing (right, left). For urban areas like Islamabad, there is high chance for PTI to take a landslide victory, if they are able to raise casting by 10-20% and do not make a blunder in coming months. For me the best for PTI is not to mess up with other parties, be polite, humble, silent, and do the basics right (as that of this step).


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