Shariah in Malakand


It is heartening to see the Government is finally moving in right direction to solve insurgency problems. The development has ignited a historical debate about “Shariah vs. new world” and “maulvism vs. secularism” again. I put in some experts from a blog post at PKPolitics to review this debate.

This is fluff! This agreement can be wiggled out of in a jiffy!

Is there even an example of the laws that they consider “illegal” and against the sharia? the interpretation of it is wide open and they can break it any day! What is the qualification of those who will do ijma/qiyas? what school of thought? etc. etc.

Why we consider sharia laws and their implementation to be flawless. Yes it must be laws as desired by Allah, but it can turn out to be ‘wrong’ due to error in human judgment. Do we take systems like ‘democracy’ and laws like ‘USA panel laws’ flawless? The answer is NO. So let them try it. No one can keep their ladies without education in this time of media. They will come up with the solutions within themselves. And if we are claiming democracy, its their democratic right to have whatever they want.

Its hard to believe all this bloodshed in swat was for few qazi courts. Many such deals are celeberated and broken in past. It merely gives extremists chances to re-group. I am sure people like IK and Qazi will again blame gov and military for breaching the deal as they have done in the past. The best case scenario for our Army and gov is make some inroads in Taliban network and gradually overcome them. But these sort of deals usually gives much need breathing room to insurgents and they come back stronger than before. Idon’t have a reason but I still hope this time result ‘d be different.

It is not about a small number of militants, the local population is behind it. We have to segregate mullahs from criminals. If mullahs step down, it would be much easier to deal with criminal in absence of local support.

Good work done by Government this time is that they have made Mullahs of Swat to agree on implementing Shariah on precondition that first peace is achieved in Swat. All the responsibility of achieving peace in the region has been put on the shoulders of Mullahs who taken hostage the People of Swat in the name of Islam. There is another interesting equation between Sufi Mohd and His Son in law Fazlullah. Sufi is the pioneer of this movement but in his absence Fazlullah hijacked it . Fazlullah apparently has also divorced Sufis daughter and married another woman


What is Sharia law? Are those the laws as ordered by ALLAH or the man made laws made by the tribes and the Arab Sheikhs, who instead of getting a life adopted religion as profession? The beauty of Islam is that it does not allow adopting religion as profession. Those Sheikhs and Mollas who does that and lie after the name of our beloved Prophet PBUH, then call that a Sharia law, should get a life instead of bluffing the people.

But surprisingly 180 million sheeps of Pakistan accept them and do not have the guts to stand and challenge these Mollas, just as they do not have the guts to stand against the corrupt Pakistan Army and the Politicians. Instead those sheep are ready to die for the corrupt Pirs, Makdooms, Imams , the corrupt Army and the Politicians, BUT NOT READY TO LAY THEIR LIFE FOR JUSTICE AND PROTECTION OF THEIR OWN “CHILDREN”.

Whenever one challenges these Mollas as to why the so called Islamic countries adopted laws which ALLAH did not allow, their only explanation is that our Prophet PBUH did it. Big question! Could our Prophet PBUH go against the orders of ALLAH?

We do not accept or reject mullahs. Yes they represent one dimension of our societal dynamics, with varying degrees of importance on personal level, and there is no harm in it.

I fully support this Sharia agreement or announcment.I always wonder why we muslims are afraid of shariat. On one side we always shout that Islam is a religion of peace. But on other side we are afraid of implementing it in our society.

some people always try to spread baseless questions and reservations about shariat. In fact , the system we already is running is full of flaws and every one can use at its own will. specially when you are in power , you can interpret it at your own. I have never seen at a single place where shariat was implemented and people fought that , “this” shariat is wrong and “that” shariat is right ..

This is bitter truth , Islamic shariah is a alarming for the western capitalism. Thats why they donot let any one to implement it any where. either it is in Afghanistan, or Sudan or somalia or Palestine. Wherever people want to have islamic shariah , the western launches compain against it and some of our foolish muslim brothers are also become part of it.

If there is a real shariah in our society , then there will be no extremism , no terrorism . Because Islamic shariah is the name of justice and when any society is without justice , then you can think of only Law of jungle there as in our pakistan. where we can see people after earning illegaly billion of dollars got clearence from NRO. The chief justice got his daughter adimtted to medical college illegaly. Similarly maulana prado, maulan diesel are wonderful examples for us…

Thats where the debate starts…

Nobody is afraid of sharia/’sharia laws’ but my interpretation of sharia is definitely very different than yours. The idea that somehow you can implement your idea of sharia on me just gets under my skin. There is no concept of an ‘Islamic Republic’ in the Quran. I haven’t seen a single Hadith where my beloved Prophet (PBUH) has told me that I need to create an Islamic Republic. Sudan, Palestine, Somalia and Afghanistan are your examples of where ’sharia laws’ were/are to be implemented? I am sorry to see that your idea of an ideal state is somewhere between Sudan (where there are so called ’sharia laws’ apparently) and the non-existent state of Palestine.

I have a simple statement for you: The idea of an Islamic State or Republic is an edifice created and nurtured by mullahs and religious and related beneficial entities that have an economic and political interest in having one (in Pakistan, it’s the related beneficial entity that runs the show!).

The only two states that i know that have complete ’sharia laws’ in them are Saudi Arabia (wholly owned subsidiary of the USA) and Iran (a complete opposite of Saudi Arabia). So if you are really against the western designs, wouldn’t you want ’sharia laws’ that are currently in effect in Iran? I assume that Swat ’sharia laws’ will not be allowing ‘mu’tah’ and concepts of ‘viliyat-e-fiqh’ to show up anywhere in the ’sharia laws’ that will be implemented. I believe you get the point here, both governmental dispensations in Iran and Saudi Arabia are not what the Prophet (PBUH) or God wants. Any laws have to protect the right of the minorities, which are not even protected even in the current Pakistani constitution.

Btw, this agreement is a farce. You will know within 5 years!

Female minister just one of Saudi king’s steps forward

I just wanted to point out that our great friends from the House of Saud are slowly moving along the liberalisation road. Seems like the House of Wahab is losing its grip on the Saudi Govt., or maybe, they saw what happened in the US elections and they are out-right affraid of a bedouin revolt if human rights are not improved upon.

Another point i wanted to make for all the ’sharia laws’ or shariat supporters on this forum: Do you believe that the ’sharia laws’ will allow a woman of Swat (or for that matter anywhere in this universe) to run a commidity trading business? I would assume here that the ’sharia laws’ would not allow this (since i assume that woman wouldn’t be driving a car/bus because of ’sharia laws’.)

That’s the whole problem i have with the ’sharia laws’. How can a God who ordained/determined/destined that to spread Islam throughout this universe, money from a woman who ran a commodity trading business will be used, ordain/order/determine in his Quran that a woman cannot be allowed to run a commodity trading business?

As i mentioned i have not seen a Hadith about an Islamic Republic from my Prophet (PBUH) but i have heard and read (since Class 5 of my school) that the Prophet (PBUH) mentioned at various occasions (i am paraphrasing) that were it not for Khadija’s support, Islam could not have spread.

I find it very hard to believe that people who call themselves muslims today due to Hazrat Khadijas efforts are putting these restrictions on women.

Every mullah who has a 15ft beard in Swat (including Fazllulah or Sufi Muhammad) who calls himself a muslim owes his being muslim to the efforts (and money/gold/silver/support/vast trading business) of none other than Hazrat Khadija. Lest he forget, my Prophet (PBUH) himself was in the employment of Hazrat Khadija!

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