Countries express interest in Pak-China’s JF-17 Thunder

Countries express interest in Pak-China’s JF-17 Thunder.


What’s in a tattoo?

Following my previous post, found an excellent post: What’s in a tattoo?

Comment in the article supported by 60% of the readers (see Poll on original article):

The tattoo on this TTP terrorist is EXACTLY the same as the one on this SATANIC SYMBOL found on this Freemasonry website:

I’m having a hard time being convinced by the auther that this is no big deal. Yes, it IS A BIG DEAL! A Satanic Freemason/Illuminati Tattoo on a Muslim Religious Extremist? You think nothing is wrong here?!

And I don’t buy this argument that it could have been there before he joined the Taliban. Would they let him in?

My Answer

dear, thanks for incomplete information. Fortunately, I spent few minutes to explore what the site says about the satanic symbols (instead of abruptly reaching to a “preferred” conclusion). What do you think the official (I do not know yet) site of Freemasons would be saying, “hey, we are satans and these are our symbols”. In fact, they say that we have no connection with these symbols and the people using these symbols. In fact these are thousands of satanic symbols created by Artists. A man can make a tattoo of whatever he likes, knowingly or unknowingly. Young people like freaky stuff. I have seen many boys having skulls on their bodies. Should we consider them non-Muslims? If one of these skull imagery was named as some satanic blabla by its creator (artist), should we always draw some meaning out of it?

Tattoos are mostly for freaks. Freaks like demons, horror etc…

Tattoo and December 21

While the people who want to destroy Pakistan are attacking on our Air Force installations, exploding bombs in the markets, and killing the lady health workers vaccinating the kids for Polio, we are busy in discussing tattoos and the “End of the World”. Its really sad to see the sorry state of our country. It is bad that there are many forces acting against Pakistan. The worse is that the political and military forces have no motivation and agenda to solve the problems. But the worst is that we as a nation are misguided and acting against ourselves.

While watching Bolta Pakistan, it was shocking to see a large majority of people taking the tattoo on the back of one of the terrorist killed in Peshawar Airport attack as an International conspiracy. Many online comments from users also confirm that a substantial population of Pakistanis still believe in sincerity of these people (See Stop wasting time discussing a tattoo). Sadly, these are the people who have access to the open knowledge and supposedly have some rationale.

Through some social media, it was revealed that the person with the tattoo was actually a “handler”, not a fighter. He was accidentally surrounded and ultimately killed. Nevertheless, just looking at so-called proof, how can we say that he was not a Muslim. And even if he was not a Muslim, he “was” acting with the Muslims. The reality is that the organizations such as AlQaida, TTP, LJ, JM, Uzbiks, Tajiks, Chechens act using the slogan of Islamisation. They started their activities in 80s, gained their peak in late 90s, kept a relative silence in 1st decade of 2000s, and now gaining their momentum again. These elements do not care who is in their ranks and many a times completley divert from their cause just to survive (read Salim Safi). And this is exactly in accordance with the human nature.

Unfortunately due to this conspiracy oriented mentality, these elements get local support maintaining active hideouts all across the country. They kill lady health workers in Karachi, they attack on Malala in Swat, they threaten journalists and place bombs in the cars in Islamabad. And we still think that they are sincere to Islam.

Our leaders such as Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan do not want to “hurt” these people. Our Army still thinks that they are our assets. Our Government is only looking for the money they would get from USA leaving these issues to Army. The saddest part is that we as a nation do not realize the truth as well.

USA after leaving the Afghanistan would left us on our own. It would make sure that the Afghanis keep fighting with each other for decades. They would be doing it following their traditions. And the pressure of extremism and “so-called” Islamisation would shift to Pakistan. Even if we rout these people after sacrificing a lot (blood, bread, grace, and even land), they would find a hideout in lawless Afghanistan, and there would be no end to it from Pakistan point of view.

While the whole world is working towards betterment of their people, we think that vaccinations are non-Islamic. At the same time, in spite of having a belief in the concept of the end of the World, we “are” the ones discussing what would happen on 21st of December the most. What a nation of hypocrites we are.

Urbanisation in Pakistan and its consequences

Traffic jam in Islamabad

One of the reasons of urbanization in Pakistan is lack of industrialization. Large industrial units, if not located in and around a city, attracts educated people from cities into high quality islands where basic needs like education, health, security and environment exist in much better quality. Even profitable agricultural industries can be useful to shed the load from urban areas. The basic problem is that there are not many “decent” employment opportunities in Pakistan, and everybody runs towards the large cities to earn “something”. Bottom line, we need an economic revolution which would ultimately resolve the hazards in large cities, either by diverting the people away, or by management and planning.

A very nice article by Ayesha: Urbanisation in Pakistan and its consequences.