PTI intra-party poll in Islamabad

PTI starts intra-party poll to rid politics of ‘family controls’.

User Comments on original new above:

Btw, Total registered voters in Islamabad in elections 2008 were 481,000, If 88,000 are PTI members as per their official stats, that constitutes 18% of overall registered voters, which is alarmingly low (I take bold assumption of no increase in registered voters).

Also, In 2008, PMLN got 61480 votes from NA-48 and 45482 from NA-49 (These are Islamabad constituencies) which makes 107,000 votes. Mind you, Islamabad is one of most educated cities with vibrant youth there. Time to think for PTI policy members.

In response to the above comment:

I think having even 50,000 members in Islamabad is substantial. These are the people who are members and would definitely vote (if they have voted now). Just imagine how many dedicated voters are there for other parties. Few thousands in a constituency! I think 90% of the people can vote to any party in their wing (right, left). For urban areas like Islamabad, there is high chance for PTI to take a landslide victory, if they are able to raise casting by 10-20% and do not make a blunder in coming months. For me the best for PTI is not to mess up with other parties, be polite, humble, silent, and do the basics right (as that of this step).


Olympics 2012 and Pakistan

It’s heart breaking when one analyses the results of Pakistan in 2012 Olympics. It hurts and you think many a time that “why am I wasting time on it?” Since I have wasted a lot on it, I summarize them here so that no one else wastes his / her time.


Pakistan would be competing for 7th position tomorrow. I think that explains everything. We lost badly to 2 better teams. Almost lost to SA. Astonishingly, we kept our hopes alive until Australia trashed us. And comparing it with India, still does not provide any justification. In fact, it really hurts to see both Asian teams who ruled the field in 60’s to 80’s are now just playing Hockey like they “have” to play it for some strange reason without any conviction, excellence and desire to win.


Anam Banday: Position: 35 out of 35, Best: 4:31.68, Our: 5:34.64 (last), Difference: 23%

Israr Hussain: Position: 54 out of 56, Best: 48.19, Our: 57.86 (almost last), Difference: 20%


Liaqat Ali: Position: 15 out of 29, Best: 10.42, Our: 10.90, Difference: 5%, only for preliminaries before main event (heats) where difference is 8%. In Round 1, he would have been 54 out of 56.

Rabia Ashiq: Position: 35 out of 40, Best: 2:00.47, Our: 2:17.39, Difference: 14%.

I cannot evaluate Khurram Inam in Skeet. But he stands at 28 out of 36.

And where is wrestling, boxing, weight lifting etc. Can’t we designate some funds for four years of Olympics preparation before going into the games and coming back as silently as half of the countries participating. But none of these countries would have so much population, mental and physical strength and athletic nature as we have. It’s simply a disaster as we see in all disciplines in Pakistan.

Rising Pakistan

When I started this Blog, I meant to see Pakistan rising with every new post. I have been posting on for few years. The motivation rested and started from Musharraf departure, Judiciary movement, independent media and signs of positive political change. But with the passage of time
, the motivation started diminishing due to all forms of dishonesty still prevalent in all circles of life. Democracy could not deliver. And we again have hope with next elections where no one would deliver including the new favorites.

We could not add a single MW into electricity grid despite being in dark for four year. We could not generate respect for institutions, including judiciary. We could not form a political movement with a difference. Imran Khan factor would deliver the same as others have been doing. We could not negotiate with US and India keeping self-respect. And even we could not fight with them with dignity if they do not respect us.

Who would do that?

Zardari (a repetition of past 5 years)

Nawaz (would toe the same policies as these two parties are two faces of the same coin)

Imrarn Khan (with a team consisting of the same politicians)

No one can. Except for people themselves. Let’s start writing again. We are the people. We have to bring the change. Let’s build the Pakistan of beloved Quaid. Let’s contribute.

Imran Khan – New name, Old faces

Considering the youth support for Imran Khan in the streets, everyone was expecting the nomination of fresh, educated and young candidates in the coming bi-elections. Somehow the decisions of PTI so far has not come to the expectations. Here I quote from one of the topic of the discussion forum of PTI official website where discussion is about the most suitable candidacy from different constituencies.

It is matter of serious concern that CEC-PTI has nominated a person who got only 31 votes in the 2002 elections from NA-123. I think this is a suicidal attempt made by CEC-PTI although the current political situation is entirely different from 2002. Without any doubt PTI is getting popularity in Lahore and other areas, as a rule of thumb contestant own vote bank and his influence in the area is mandatory for winning big elections especially when the seat belongs to other party. Why CEC-PTI does recommend Ijaz Khan Jazi to contest election from NA-55. The reason is very simple that Ijaz Khan has got own vote bank in NA-55 and in last bi-election he got more that 12000 votes. In my personal opinion most appropriate PTI representative in NA-123 is Mr. Imran Khan (chairman PTI), Why

1) Historically this seat belongs to PML-N and NS got a very strong influence in NA-123

2) IK is the only person who can give tough time to PML-N candidate.

3) Presence of IK in National Assembly is inevitable.

4) By winning this election, the perception of strong hold of PML-N in Lahore and particularly Punjab would be eliminated by large.

5) PTI popularity graph would definitely be swung to sky limit if IK wins from NA-123.

6) Perception of people would be eradicating that IK can only win from Mianwali (NA-71).

7) Mian Hamid Meraj may be a good candidate but his chances of winning are meager as compare to IK.

8) I think door to door campaign is needed in areas where election is being held especially in low income areas.

9) Last but not the least NA-55 election is being held on Feb24, 2010 and NA-123 is being held on March 10, 2010. It means before Lahore election the result of NA-55 would be announced. If our candidate Ijaz Khan Jazi wins then it gives a moral boost for PTI in Lahore election and if Sheikh Rasheed wins then it will also hurt PML-N popularity graph in Punjab.

10) Hence, I would suggest PTI-CEC to reconsider their decision of contesting Hamid Mairaj from NA-123 and we believe that this time IK has to come forward by contesting NA-123 because chances IK for winning NA-123 is almost certain.

Whether IK decides to contest with NS in NA 123 or not, the following question remain unanswered in overall scenario:

I was expecting something different from IK. He has again gone for PML-N and PML-Q baaqiaat from NA 55 and 123 respectively. If the resources are the same, how the change could be expected. And if reliance on the same (notorious) faces is must for ‘winning’, then why did he boycott in main elections. Its ridiculous. IN FACT I DO NOT SEE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PTI AND OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES IN THIS CONTEXT.

Karachi incident – Media wins again

Pakistan is a unique country. There are so many mean and corrupt elements in the society that its hard to believe that it still exits on the map. The recent Karachi incident is a classical example of dishonesty of our elite with Pakistan and its people.

Before blaming anyone for the incident, there are few facts that must be in mind:

  • When the looting and rampage started, police ran away from the affected regions. They only came back when they realized that they would encounter nobody.
  • The fire brigade trucks were not able to reach to the fired regions even when the looters/terrorists were long gone.
  • There was no security checking of the route or the box which has the bomb was not checked.
  • If the blast was detonated with wireless signal through cellular phone, where were the jammers which the authorities claim that the procession was equipped with.
  • Where were the MQM workers? They only contented looking their city burnt by few hundred people. Everybody knows that MQM street force is very active and armed. Why couldn’t they stop a handful of people?

I have been thinking about all these facts and have come up with a theory which, to me, is very alarming. First of all it was a plot of interior ministry (Rehman Malik), Blackwater and MQM. Its a common methodology that to solve a case, one should look for the beneficiary. It has been a part of great plan of USA and allies to see Karachi as a separate entity from Pakistan. The terrorism, secretarial violence and economic meltdown are the perfect tools. Additionally, through this incident they were able to escalate hatred of Karachiites towards Pakistan and create a doubt against Karachiites in rest of the Pakistan. They could not do it without the help of Govenment (at least interior ministry) and MQM. Because at any time the Police or MQM workers could jump in to stop the violence.  MQM achieved their Karachi related agenda by blazing the markets they were interested in.

The only positive perspective of the incident is the right timing of the media to expose whats happening. It not only kept the emotions of the people intact, but also, pressurize the MQM leadership to prove themselves to be innocent. To do so, they started cooperating the affected market owners.

This theory can well be wrong but at the same time most probable. However, blaming MQM as part of the plot can be a weak assumption if they answer the fire brigade issue and reason for the fact that MQM workers never responded in a convincing manner.