Rising Pakistan

When I started this Blog, I meant to see Pakistan rising with every new post. I have been posting on https://dildilpakistan.wordpress.com/ for few years. The motivation rested and started from Musharraf departure, Judiciary movement, independent media and signs of positive political change. But with the passage of time
, the motivation started diminishing due to all forms of dishonesty still prevalent in all circles of life. Democracy could not deliver. And we again have hope with next elections where no one would deliver including the new favorites.

We could not add a single MW into electricity grid despite being in dark for four year. We could not generate respect for institutions, including judiciary. We could not form a political movement with a difference. Imran Khan factor would deliver the same as others have been doing. We could not negotiate with US and India keeping self-respect. And even we could not fight with them with dignity if they do not respect us.

Who would do that?

Zardari (a repetition of past 5 years)

Nawaz (would toe the same policies as these two parties are two faces of the same coin)

Imrarn Khan (with a team consisting of the same politicians)

No one can. Except for people themselves. Let’s start writing again. We are the people. We have to bring the change. Let’s build the Pakistan of beloved Quaid. Let’s contribute.