New Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif

It can be debated, but Nawaz Sharif is much changed leader now. Maybe he needs to be ‘polite’ with Establishment/Army, and ‘cunning’ with US, to avoid a situation like what happened in 1999. Otherwise, at least he can feel the pulse of change. One more thing is to keep evolving the resources that PML (N) has, and get hid of ‘seasoned’ politicians and bring in talented new blood.

Thanks for the column writer for writing the following article in national newspaper.


Mustafa Kamal – World’s 2nd Best Mayor – The controversy

MQM leader Altaf Hussain was congratulated by ex-President Musharraf for ‘managing’ Karachi in a manner that it is ranked second in global cities of the world.

It was a news yesterday. It has become a controversy now. On of the main players highlighting this controversy are people from PKPolitics. They suggest the following and present an email conversation as a proof.

One of the most highlighted news by several media entities reported the nomination of Mustafa Kamal as the World’s Second Best Mayor by the Foreign Policy Magazine.
Based on a quick investigation, it was revealed that this story was a misleading and was actually fabricated to be used as a propaganda tool by MQM. In fact, Karachi has been ranked at 57th out of 60 global cities by the Foreign Policy Magazine at their website.
Please also note that Mustafa Kamal’s name was only mentioned as the “Mayor of City Ranked at 57″ in the world and there was NO ranking of any Mayors by the the FP Magazine.

After a ballistics of biased and burning comments on the politics of MQM and Altaf Hussain, one comment seemed to be neutral and balanced:

The best example of our thinking process. Actually, matter of fact is that we don’t think as a Pakistani. It’s very clear that we use to think as Punjabi, Sindhi, Muhajirs, Pukhtoons, Baloch.

If Aitizaz’s & CJ’s movement/actions is supported by rest of the world, its good. On the other hand, if the same world admits City Nazim Karachi’s hard work, “oh no. it’s fake and some thing like that”. It becomes our tradition now.

Believe me or not, I was just wondering till now that if Mayor’s news would also be reported on this Punjab dominant website or not…. And here is what we get.

As a neutral person, one should speak against the wrong deeds of MQM, I agree. But, for God Sake, plz also learn to admit the good work by the same party.

I don’t think that no one can deny the massive development in Karachi during the last two or more years and we don’t need any certification. Even the Pukhtoon TV took the interview of Mayor and admits his hard work.

But we are so use to of the culture that if one party is bad and we never expect something good for them, and one party is so good therefore never expects anything wrong from them.

Some days back, I saw the same type of story regarding ANP Leader and the comments by the members were really astonished me. Why do we have such a huge hate amongst each other??? Someone is definitely working on it and most of us are following their agendas.

Plz I request you all, that we all should be very proud of being Pakistani and nothing else. Otherwise, the movements like “Greater Pukhtoonistan”, “Greater Balochistan”, “Greater Sindh” or “Greater Karachi” would become popular in public. And it would be the result of hate that is also propagating through this website.

The time has come now that we should start respecting each other being a Pakistani, nor we only respect or prefer people belongs to our same ethnic/regional group. It’s the time to give equal rights or share to all Pakistani. Otherwise, our enemies have huge funds and ambitions that would really hit us very badly.

This was followed by a counter but a good comment from other side:

I think the point of the article is not whether Mustafa Kemal is the “World’s Second Best Mayor” or not but that “this story was a misleading and was actually fabricated.”

Of that there is no doubt — “here was NO ranking of any Mayors” is a statement of fact. Claiming him as “World’s Second Best Mayor” is indeed a fabrication.

Here is the complete text of the sidebar that contains the only mention of him:

The Mayors of the Moment

No city globalizes on its own. But with shrewd investments and smart urban planning, a mayor can help turn a regional player into a global powerhouse. Here’s how three of the world’s top mayors are climbing the ladder:

Klaus Wowereit Mayor of Berlin (#17) …

Syed Mustafa Kamal Mayor of Karachi (#57)

The new mayor of Karachi is an unlikely poster child for innovative urban planning. The 36-year-old Syed Mustafa Kamal governs a city that’s more often in the news for religious violence than cosmopolitan ways. But the hard-charging Kamal is looking to change all that. He’s courting foreign investment, encouraging international ties, and boosting the city’s tourism. Kamal isn’t shy about his goals: He has said he wants to turn Karachi into the “next Dubai.” His Green Karachi project aims to plant thousands of trees in the city. No stranger to Karachi’s bare-knuckled politics, Kamal isn’t letting anything stand in the way of his grand plans: He has threatened to arrest anyone who tries to cut down the new saplings.

Wang Hongju Mayor of Chongqing (#59)…

There should be no doubt in the authenticity of the comments from both sides, if mentioned in a decent manner like above. But we should not spread hatred against other communities.

We can be critical to the politics of MQM, but we should respect it being representative of people. If someone has appreciated efforts of their Mayor, we should be proud of it. Although MQM should have been realistic in announcing about ranking, but whether ranked or not, the efforts of Karachi are appreciated.

I am a big fan of PKPolitics for its devotion for democracy and judiciary. But on this issue, their efforts to negate the claim is nothing but opening of a Pandora box of hatred. I hope they would play neutral in future.

Who is Zaid Hamid?

By linking the following information, I do not intend to discredit or humiliate anybody. In fact I am myself impressed by Zaid Hamid. But the contents presented here have weight. Wallah Alam.

Another face of the ISI mouth piece and Musharraf’s sympathiser – Mr Zaid Hamid

by N. Shahrukh

Ghalib’s verse which later became a proverb “Hain kawakib kuchh, nazar aatay hain kuchh” is true for Mr Zaid Hamid, the fiery young expert of strategic issues and Jihad who has shot to fame in a few months through a programme Brasstacks on TVone.

Yes, Zaid Hamid is really IMPRESSIVE and he is taking the simple idealistic people of Pakistan, especially youth and women by storm. Had I not known him for the last 20 years, I would, too, have been all praise for this ‘new’ bright face on the TV talking about Zionism, Muslim conquests, Afghan Jihad, good and bad Talibans, and what not through his self-sponsored TV programme.

Just a REMINDER and WARNING to all my friends who trust my words:

If you guys remember the Pakistan false prophet, YUSUF ALI, who was arrested and sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court and then murdered in Kot Lakhpat jail by a fellow prisoner – this guy Zaid Hamid was known as Zaid Zaman at that time and was the Khalifah of that Kazzab. Zaid is still leading that cult which belongs to the firqah batinyah of sufism and they have a different aqeedah altogother which they only profess within their inner core. Many of my personal friends fell prey to his charisma in the 1990s, some of them reverted back to Hidayah and were instrumental in filing a case against Yusuf Ali which ultimately lead to his death sentence and the cult members dispersed for a few years.

All of the followers of Yusuf Kazzab are now gathering once again in Islamabad and after 11 years Zaid Zaman has reappeared as Zaid Hamid.

I first came to know about Zaid Hamid when he acted as a translator to Hekmatyar in 1989 during his visit to Karachi. I was really impressed by the bright faced young engineer from NED University who spoke excellent Persian, Pashto, Urdu and English. Later, I came to know that the training centre for Pakistani mujahideen in Posta Fez, Jalalabad was run by this man.

I soon got introduced to new friends who were part of his team in Afghanistan. I even tried to run away from home in 1991 at the age of 14 to go to Afghanistan but was some how caught and persuaded by my family to refrain. In the same year I distributed several cassettes of a documentary – Qasasul Jihad – produced by Zaid Zaman, which showed live scenes of combat between Afghan mujahideen and Russian forces and was the first of its kind. For me Zaid Zaman and his team were like the re-incarnation of the heroes of Muslim medieval history.

However, soon Zaid Zaman was the centre of a scandal of misappropriation of funds of a large UK-based NGO, Muslim Aid, of which he was a representative in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He also then parted ways with Hekmatyar and Haqqani and joined the ranks of Ahmed Shah Masood. Later he abandoned Jihad altogether and became a Sufi.

In 1994, when I was in aitikaf in Ramazan, one of Zaman’s close associates, who was also a very close friend of mine, came to meet me and started talking strangely about the “real” meanings of Islam denouncing each and every known Islamic scholar. He said that all translations and commentaries of Quran till date were blasphemous. He also said that every century has an ‘Imam-e-zamana’ who we should take bayah (oath of allegiance) of and he would soon arrange my meeting with that Imam.

Alhamdulillah, because of my strong beliefs I never ever met that so-called Imam-e-zamana but many of my friends fell into the trap. Soon, Yusuf Ali was being invited to dinner parties in many of my friends’ homes who were seen holding beads (tasbeeh) in their hands and preaching zikr and sufism here and there.

I lost many of my closest friends as I felt very uneasy with their beliefs and discussions. The basis of their belief was a ‘maudhu’ hadith that Allah (SWT) created the noor of Muhammad (SAW) before the creation of the Universe. That ‘noor’ will remain till eternity and even if the Prophet (SAW) is physically not with us today, his noor is present in the ‘Imam-e-zamana’ and hence he should be followed as the Prophet (SAW) was by his companions. Na’aauzubillah!

Meanwhile, Muhammad Tahir of Weekly Takbeer broke the news of Yusuf Ali and his cult quoting statements of some of the defectors who realized what was wrong and were ready to go to court against this fitnah. Yusuf Ali was accused of claiming to be a false prophet, immoral practices including sexual abuse of his women followers and homosexuality. Soon, a case was filed against him and the Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat people also became a party.

Yusuf Ali was sentence and sentenced to death based on irrefutable evidence of his misguided beliefs including the claim of false prophethood.

Click to the link below to read a BBC report by Zafar Abbas on the death sentence of the Pakistani false prophet Yusuf Ali:

The Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwwat office at Numaish, MA Jinnah Road and journalist Muhammad Tahir still has the record of that case and clippings of related news reports containing statements of witnesses who were once part of the cult themselves.

The name of Zaid Zaman Hamid also appeared in several of the news reports appearing in those days in Takbeer, Ummat, Khabrain, Jasarat, etc as he was the key promoter and khalifa of Yusuf Kazzab and the witnesses during the court proceedings and the press statements mentioned his name.

According to my knowledge, Zaid Hamid is still leading that cult in Islamabad and sources close to him confirm that he still proclaims the same beliefs of Yusuf Kazzab. It is not confirmed, tough, whether the new “Imam-e-zamana” is Zaid Zaman himself or some other person.

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Sensual Shakes and Brotherly Hugs – Are we on board?

The controversy of ‘President’ Asif Ali Zardari’s meeting with Sarah Palin can be ignored if he ‘behaves’ like a President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in matters which matter the most. But unfortunately he proved to be the real ancestor of Musharraf.

Maybe to keep Palin’s touch sensations intact in his hand, he hugged Manmohan Singh (twice) saying “You are the leader of modern India.” In response Mr. Singh congratulated him on election and “the victory of democracy in Pakistan.” No comment. Its pretty obvious.

Then the real issues; Kashmir and Terrorism. In the joint press statement after meeting, look at the contradictory level of intensity in two paragraphs below (not to talk of the reversal or order).

Severe action would be taken against any elements directing or involved in terrorist acts. President Zardari reassured Prime Minister Singh that the Government of Pakistan stands by its commitments of January 6, 2004.

Both leaders agreed that the forces that have tried to derail the peace process must be defeated. This would allow the continuation and deepening of a constructive dialogue for the peaceful resolution and satisfactory settlement of all bilateral issues, including Jammu and Kashmir.

In listed section pasted below, there is no mentioning of Kashmir at all.

The two leaders agreed that:
* The Foreign Secretaries of both countries will schedule meetings of the fifth round of the Composite Dialogue in the next three months which will focus on deliverables and concrete achievements.
* The ceasefire should be stabilized. To this end, the DGMOs (Director General Military Operations) and Sector Commanders will stay in regular contact.
* A special meeting of the Joint Anti-Terror Mechanism will be held in October 2008 to address mutual concerns including the bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul.
* The expansion of people to people contacts, trade, commerce and economic cooperation provides an effective platform to develop and strengthen bilateral relations. Towards this end it was decided to:
* Open the Wagah-Attari road link to all permissible items of trade
* Open the Khokrapar-Munabao rail route to all permissible items of trade.
* Continue interaction between the Planning Commissions of both countries to develop mutually beneficial cooperation including the energy sector.
* Commence cross-LoC trade on the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad and Poonch-Rawalakot roads on October 21, 2008.
* Modalities for the opening of the Skardu-Kargil route will be discussed soon.

And then after the meeting President says we did talk on Kashmir. link

Pakistan’s Taliban Are CIA

Clearly, the U.S. is stung by Pakistan discovering who is the real enemy. Pakistan has decided to liquidate the TTP and is succeeding with popular support. The U.S. should have been satisfied that the Pakistan Army is pursuing the TTP, but it is not. Clearly, the TTP is the excuse not the target. The American objective is to destabilize Pakistan.

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