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Adultery vs. Rape: A clear example of shortsightedness

Although there are contradictory views on “human cloning” as well, the topic here is a recommendation of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) in terms of “adultery and rape”. From media reports, it does not seem like they differentiated between adultery and rape. And this is the main point of discussion. As stated in a comment in article, Rape cases: DNA tests not admissible as main evidence says CII, the following says it all:

Talk about twisting the Sharia; the 4 witness rule applies to adultery when one party is making an allegation upon person indulging in adultery. Rape is NOT just adultery; it is a heinous crime not just having the element of adultery but also wronging an innocent, who is a victim.

In this regard, rape should be taken as an offensive leading to a situation such as murder, where normal “shahadat” and circumstantial evidence is sufficient. This is as clear as it seems. Why can’t our religious scholars see that?

Another view in favor of the recommendation is interesting, again in the comment section of the article, Rape cases: DNA tests not admissible as main evidence says CII.

There is a scientific reasoning behind this because DNA can be extracted from common daily use items such as combs, clothes, etc. with the help of commonly available laboratory equipment and then could be planted anywhere to mislead the medical staff doing the medical report. A woman who wants to seek revenge from an ex-husband could do this to ruin a man’s life.

Well, in this case, the investigations should also seek of other evidences just as in murder case. It really does not justify the 4 shahadats instead. Continue reading