Lahore under attack again

1. The Lahore attack seems to be a joint venture of India, Afghanistan and their assets in Pakistan. Obama recent inclination of change in reigime in Afghanistan, India’s desire of becoming a regional power and one of the suspect caught suggest a possible chemitry. See report with pictures
2. Big media of big country reporting Lahore attack… Full story

Long Live Pakistan. We will emerge inshaAllah.


In case of war between Pak & India

I have borrowed the following contents from a mail sent to me. Authenticity is not guaranteed.

Dear All,

If a purely conventional war were to take place between both these countries, India would most likely overpower Pakistan owing to its superior military technology and infrastructure, larger manpower, more territorial area and a strategic advantage in its sea and air forces

Both Pakistan and India are almost evenly matched head to head in nuclear and missile fronts, but it is also proven by neutral experts that Pakistan has plus over India in missile and nuclear technology. Besides all these facts  if Indian dear to mess with Pakistan one must not forget the following fact sheet

1) 40% world’s underweight children are in india
2) 70% population of india daily earns below Rs 20/-
3) 70% women in india are suffered from sexual torture
4) india is at 3 rd position in world for ill treating house wives.
5) 75% women in capital are suffered from sexual torture forcefully
6) Mumbai is at top in the world for prostitutes
7) Indian Army is at third for corruption in the world.
8) India is defeated three times by Pakistan (1948, 1965, 1999) by China in 1962, many times by Bengalies etc
9) tell me any neighbor with which u have better relations??? ??
10) all religion Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Budhists, and others are unsecured due to their faiths.
11) Churches, Temples , Gurdwaras, Mosques are burnt in india
12) india is at 94th among 140 most poor countries in the world, much below Pakistan
14) india is at top for child labor
15)what is SATTI????
16) 15 provinces are fighting for freedom.
16) visitors are raped and killed in india
17) india is at top where inter religion violance are very high.
18) india is at 3rd after USA and China where most of the girls become mother before marriage
19) most worst life standard in south asia is india , Pakistan is the best in south asia
20) india is at top for “sattey Bazi” in sports
21) indi is at second position for AIDS in the world, Pakistan at 74th feel the difference__ _
22)tiolet to population ratio in india is worst in the world
23) still confusion in the national anthm
24) Indian army is at top for suicides among military persons
25) there are more than 3 millions brothels in india indies are proud of them
26) mombai is world’s 7th and dehli (capital) world’s 20th dirtiest cities in the world. islamabad (capital) is at 2nd position for beauty in the world.

We are Muslim and we fight for death not for life that make the real difference between these two countries

The dilema with us is that we are disinformed.
than without any research, we admit any bad name for Pakistan and become advocates for that.
Come out of this sadness & fear

With Kind Regards

Moenjedaro and Ahmedabad

oldworld1It was astonishing to see support of people of Ahmedabad for Lahore Badshahs during ICL finals. In fact they supported Lahore instead of their own Hyderabad team.

During preparation of a slide show about Pakistan for an event, I indulged into knowing something about Indus Civilization. It is one of the four earliest urban civilizations of the world. The other three being Mesopotamia, Egyptian and Chinese.

indusmapIndus civilization dates back to 7000 BC. During its evolution, it was a cradle for four great cities. Two of them named Moenjodaro and Harappa lie in current Pakistan, whereas the other two named Rakhigarhi and Ganweriwala lie in current India. Not surprisingly, both cities in India are near Indus basic, first in Haryana and the second in Rajhistan, respectively.

In Pakistan the offshoots of Indus civilization are spread across both extremes in Balochistan to the mountains of Himalyas. Interestingly, the spread of Indus civilization in India in not towards East (interior of Indian). Rather it expands towards South (current Gandhinagar) originating from Moenjodaro.
indiamap_tourism3I do not want to draw any conclusion from this. But the coincidence of my intrigue to know about the nature of Ahmedabad’s crowd during ICL finals and desire to know something about ancient Indus civilization forced me to consider the following historical perspective. Ahmedabad is situated in Gandhinagar, an offshoot of Indus civilization originating from Moenjedaro.

Pakistan 9th in Failed States Index – A comparison with India

Pakistan is placed 9th in Failed States Index published by Fund for Peace.

Failed States Index is based on 12 indicators in 3 categories.
Social Indicators

  1. Mounting Demographic Pressures
  2. Massive Movement of Refugees or Internally Displaced Persons creating Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
  3. Legacy of Vengeance-Seeking Group Grievance or Group Paranoia
  4. Chronic and Sustained Human Flight

Economic Indicators

  1. Uneven Economic Development along Group Lines
  2. Sharp and/or Severe Economic Decline

Political Indicators

  1. Criminalization and/or Delegitimization of the State
  2. Progressive Deterioration of Public Services
  3. Suspension or Arbitrary Application of the Rule of Law and Widespread Violation of Human Rights
  4. Security Apparatus Operates as a “State Within a State”
  5. Rise of Factionalized Elites
  6. Intervention of Other States or External Political Actors

A comparison with India from 2005

First column indicates the rank, whereas other 12 columns after country name represent the indicators in the same order as stated above.


76 India 8 6.2 5.4 6.7 9 5.8 4 5.1 5.9 2.4 6.8 4.2 69.5
34 Pakistan 5 5 6.9 8 9 3.3 9.8 7.5 8.1 9 9.3 8.5 89.4


93 India 8.8 2.8 6.9 7.1 8.5 5 4.8 6.7 5.4 4.5 5.7 4.2 70.4
9 Pakistan 9.3 9.3 8.6 8.1 8.9 7 8.5 7.5 8.5 9.1 9.1 9.2 103.1


110 India 8.3 3.2 7 7.1 8.9 4.6 4.8 6.7 5.4 5 5.6 4.2 70.8
12 Pakistan 8.2 8.5 9 8.1 8.5 5.8 8.7 7.1 8.7 9.5 9.5 8.5 100.1


98 India 8.0 3.2 7.0 6.9 8.9 4.6 4.8 6.7 6.0 6.6 6.0 4.2 72.9
9 Pakistan 8.0 8.6 9.5 8.1 8.8 6.2 9.5 7.1 9.5 9.6 9.8 9.1 103.8

Analyzing India’s stats, it is evident that India gained substantial progress in two indicators: Massive Movement of Refugees or Internally Displaced Persons creating Complex Humanitarian Emergencies and Sharp and/or Severe Economic Decline. They faced disappointments in 3 indicators: Legacy of Vengeance-Seeking Group Grievance or Group Paranoia, Progressive Deterioration of Public Services and Security Apparatus Operates as a “State Within a State”. Pakistan has primarily declined in Mounting Demographic Pressures, Massive Movement of Refugees or Internally Displaced Persons creating Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Legacy of Vengeance-Seeking Group Grievance or Group Paranoia and Sharp and/or Severe Economic Decline.

Pakistan and India have similar problems. But India has gained in terms of Economics and Movement of refugees. We are building a pressure of refugees from within our terrotories due to following of USA goals blindly. As a result, group grievance is mounting. In addition we are not paying much attention to Economic downfall. If we stabilize our economy and stop fighting with our own people, we can atleast match India.